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Fly trap for the pasture

New: cit Fly Trap FlyCage6

Discover the versatility of the cit FlyCage6 fly trap for outdoor use! These are particularly useful in agricultural environments such as horse and farmyards or livestock farms, where flies are often found in large numbers and can be a significant nuisance to both animals and humans. Note that flies are not only a nuisance but can also transmit diseases as they often congregate in unhygienic places such as manure heaps or rubbish.

The cit FlyCage6 fly trap is ready for immediate use and can reduce fly nuisance by up to 90 per cent over an area of approx. 10 m x 10 m per bucket, thanks to its simple and effective system.

How does the cit FlyCage6 fly trap work?

We offer a wide range of fly traps for outdoor use. Our fly trap bucket, for example, enables efficient and user-friendly pest control. It consists of a large yellow bucket, a transparent lid for easy opening and closing and six entry openings. The conical shape of the mesh inserts makes it easy for flies to find their way into the trap, but not out.

The bucket contains 750 grams of special attractant that attracts flies. The flies enter the trap through six special one-way openings and can then no longer escape. The fly trap bucket can be easily positioned with the appropriate mounting aids for fixing to a wall or the floor, ideally in a sunny spot along the flies' known flight path.
cit Fliegenfalle FlyCage6

Why should you choose cit fly traps?

For smaller areas such as gardens, patios or campsites, our smaller cit fly trap FlyCage3, which is equipped with 25 grams of attractant, is suitable. For large areas, we recommend our FlyCage6 bucket for effective fly reduction within a radius of 100 m².

Our fly traps offer many advantages compared to other pest control systems:

They are inexpensive and effectively control a large number of flies over a longer period of time. In addition, the bucket is reusable by simply adding new attractant and placing the bucket again.

Would you like to enjoy nature without the annoyance of flies?

Then the cit FlyCage6 fly trap for outdoor use could be just the thing for you. For more information or advice on choosing the right product for your needs, please contact us. We will be happy to help you.


cit MuscaBlock pour-on

Cit MuscaBlock pour-on is a ready-to-use solution for external use on cattle to prevent fly attacks in pens and in the field. Also suitable for biting midges, horseflies and similar insects.
Effective fly and biting midge control with Cit MuscaBlock pour-on means:
  • effective protection against annoying grazing land pests
  • transmission of diseases can be avoided
  • Very long duration of action of 7 - 11 weeks
  • can be used in pens and in the field
Further information on application and dosage can be found here:
Cit MuscaBlock pour-on  zur Insektenabwehr bei Weidehaltung


cit Parasite Defence Spray PyrEuca

The efficient and ready-to-use repellent spray cit Parasite Defence Spray PyrEuca a is used for highly effective insect control on dairy cows and other farm animals. It was developed to control all types of insects and parasites, such as calf mosquitoes, black flies, horse flies, ticks, houseflies, mites and other biting and stinging pests.

cit Parasite Defence Spray PyrEuca is characterised by extreme effectiveness combined with low toxicity and is suitable for use on organic farms.
Cit Parasitenabwehrspray PyrEuca zur Insektenabwehr bei Weidehaltung

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