cit Fly Trap FlyCage6

  • extremely effective and generously dimensioned fly trap for pastures, gardens, campsites, etc.
  • filled with the special FlyCage attractant mixture, up to 90 % of the flies from the environment are caught
  • with the original FlyCage attractant, the trap works for up to 3 months
  • reusable after refilling with attractant
  • only for outdoor use, ideally from April to October
  • for best catching success use only original FlyCage fly attractant
  • Capacity: 6 l water and 750 g FlyCage fly attractant
Only use outdoors.
Ref. no.DescriptionPUPallet
299135incl. cover, 6 grid inserts and 750 g attractant148 PAL
Ref. no.DescriptionMaterialsuitable forMOQPieces / unitPU
323506Wall Mountgalvanised metal   1/1/10
326104Floor bracketgalvanised metal323520, 326102, 326103, 3224774, 299135  1
15455cit Fly attractant FlyCage    1/6
299137Cover for fly trap FlyCage6Plastic   1/65
299138Grid insert for fly trap FlyCage6Plastic 1 pack6 / pack1/280
299139cit Fly trap with 6 holes without accessoriesPlastic   1

Large capacity fly trap: The large attractant trap works efficiently and is specially designed for large outdoor areas such as pastures, gardens, campsites and so on.

High catch rate: With the FlyCage attractant mixture, the trap catches up to 90 % of flies from the surrounding area. For best catching results, use only the original FlyCage fly attractant.

Long-lasting freedom from flies: The special FlyCage attractant for outdoor use is effective for up to 3 months and thus keeps the environment fly-free for an extra-long time.

Practical and reusable: When the trap is full, it can simply be emptied into the organic waste. As soon as it has been freshly filled with water and attractant mixture, it is ready for use again.

Only for outdoor use: The trap is only suitable for outdoor use and is ideal from April to October.

FlyCage fly attractant with water in a ratio of 1:8