Whitewash/all-round spray

The new all-round sprayer using the tried and tested principle.

  • Low mist application means less room contamination
  • Suitable for common compressors
  • Nozzles included for numerous uses
  • user-friendly quick-screw funnel - the sieve does not need to be removed before use
  • Operation possible without permanent air connection

For the application of diluted milk of lime (calcium hydroxide solution), disinfectants (e.g. Rhodasept stable disinfectant), hoof care agents (e.g. ClawPlus claw care agents), corrosion inhibitors (e.g. WD-40), activated cleaners (e.g. SONAX AGRAR active cleaner)

296200: made from stainless steel for high corrosion resistance and easy cleaning

Ref. no.DescriptionLengthWidthHeightPUPallet
296100Galvanised Metal51 cm40 cm78 cm112 PAL
296200stainless steel51 cm40 cm78 cm112 PAL
Ref. no.Descriptionsuitable forPU
296014Seal Set296000, 296100, 2962001/100
296044plastic funnel with replacement seal296200, 2961001/32
296005Safety Valve 5 bar296200, 296100, 2960001/50
296049Replacement seal (O-ring) for Metal Funnel Ammer2960001
296100-1Replacement flat gasket for plastic funnel2961001
296017Pressure regulator without pressure gauge 1/4"296200, 296100, 2960001/150
296021Special Round Spray Nozzle 1.5 mm296200, 296100, 2960001/50/300
296022Special Whitewashing Flat Nozzle with Insert 0.6 mm296200, 296100, 2960001/70
296024Flat Jet Nozzle with Insert 0.2 mm, 0.3 mm and 0.4 mm296200, 296100, 2960001/200
296029Spray Lance Set 7-piece, no hose296200, 296100, 2960001/50
296030Extension Pipe 750/10/1 mm296200, 296100, 2960001/500
296032Non-return Valve 1/4" with Reducer296200, 296100, 2960001/50
296200-9Replacement seal (O-ring) for plastic funnel2962001
296200-17washer set for spray lance set296200, 296100, 2960001/600
296200-1hand piece of the lance296200, 296100, 2960001/40
Technical dataWeightMax. fill levelMax. fill level with compressorMax. fill level without compressorOperating pressuremax. permissible operating pressureTank content
29610020 kg35 L25 L5 bar39.5 L
29620020 kg35 L25 L5 bar39.5 L