Water Bowl with Pipe Valve E21

  • with drinking bowl made of stainless steel, pipe valve and robust cast iron body
  • ideal for dairy cows, as results in a large water flow
  • extra-large and wide bowl (Ø 27 cm, height 12 cm)
  • Stainless steel ensures optimum water hygiene
  • 4-point fastening on wall or pipe
  • Fastening material not included
Ref. no.Water connectionCapacityPUPallet
221860G 1/2"5 L160 PAL
2218605G 3/4"5 L160 PAL
Ref. no.DescriptionMaterialPU
221861Valve 1/20
221971Guard Size 2metal hot-dip galvanised1/4
22365Mounting Shackles, in pairsmetal1/25
Technical dataDimensions (W x D x H)Connection optionWater flow rateFlow rateFlow rateWeight
221860from above or below3 bar20 L/min5 bar14 L/min
2218605from above or below3 bar20 L/min5 bar14 L/min