Universal Plastic Tray

  • smooth base allows for easy cleaning
  • integrated side handles
  • Material: Plastic
  • Usage as a boot disinfection bath:
  • simple and fast option for disinfecting boots
  • for the avoidance of bringing germs into the barn
  • suitable for all commercially available disinfectants
  • can also be used as a receptacle for disinfectant mats (item no. 16490)
  • Usage as a sand bath for chickens:
  • scratching and dust bathing are some of the natural behaviours of chickens and other poultry
  • a sand bath is a species-appropriate occupation option and helps to increase the animals’ welfare standard
  • chickens maintain their plumage among other things by bathing in sand or earth, removing parasites such as lice and mites in the process
  • fine sand, for example, is perfect for filling the chicken sand bath
Ref. no.ColourLengthWidthHeightCapacityPUPAL
16536blue63 cm39 cm17 cm29,5 L1140 PAL