Technovit® 6091

The indispensable universal tool for claw treatment
  • the classic claw treatment system!
  • the market-leading system for claw immobilisation through wood blocks used and approved for more than 15 years!

The special properties of fast-curing plastic Technovit 6091 make it an indispensable, universal resin used in veterinary medicine for claw care and treatment.

In some areas of treatment, Technovit 6091 aids the vet’s therapeutic measures and shortens otherwise quite long healing periods.

In claw and hoof treatment, Technovit 6091 is especially suitable for the following: for immobilizing claws in the event of inflammatory diseases, fixing claw tips, concealing hoof defects, horn cracks, shaping hooves and orthopaedic hoof treatment, especially in foals (e.g. clubfoot, prosthesis).


Please note the use and safety instructions.

Ref. no.DescriptionApplicationsPU
1621without accelerator2-pce mix1/100
1622without accelerator10-pce mix1/6
16220without accelerator12-pce mix1/6
16121incl. accelerator2-pce mix1/100
16122incl. accelerator10-pce mix1/6
Ref. no.DescriptionContentsPU
1623Powder Technovit® 60911000 g1/70
16232Accelerator Technovit® 6091 1/120
1624Liquid Technovit® 6091500 ml1/144