Technobase® 2CB

The ultimate two-part adhesive for professional use

  • The blue colouring immediately indicates the correct mixture
  • proven formula for optimised curing speed
  • can be used at a 45° and a 90° angle
  • the hoof can bear full weight again after approx. 3 minutes (if stored correctly over 15° C)
  • bonds powerfully and permanently to wood and rubber blocks

16282: 210 ml cartridge, for opening and reclosing in just a few steps and no tools required

16286: For anyone who does not want to use large cartridges due to the small amount of adhesive required, the single-use cartridges offer the ideal alternative with their content of 25 ml.

The 25 ml content is designed precisely for single-use applications. The matching mixing cannula is already integrated into the air-tight packaging!

Ref. no.DescriptionContentsPU
16282Cartridge210 ml / Cartridge1/12
16287incl. 1 pair of gloves210 ml / Cartridge1/10
16286Cartridge incl. mixer cannula25 ml / Cartridge1/15
16285Farmer Set4 x 25 ml / Cartridge1
Ref. no.DescriptionMOQPieces / unitPU
16273Mixer Cannula Type 210 - up to 10 °C1 pack12 / pack1/10
16283Mixer Cannula Type 210 - from 10 °C1 pack12 / pack1/10
16299Dispensing gun Type 210  1/5
Preview imageItem. No.Description16286
Technobase 2CB mixer cannulas16277Technobase 2CB mixer cannulasx