Stable disinfectant RHODASEPT®

  • ideally suited for the disinfection of surfaces in animal husbandry, veterinary practices, small animal cages, transport vehicles, boot, mats etc.
  • application: wipe wet or spray in high-pressure or spray equipment
  • is effective against enveloped and unenveloped viruses, myco-plasmas, bacteria (including salmonellas) and fungal infections
  • effective in accordance with the European standard for the veterinary field, against bacteria (EN 1656/14349), yeasts (EN 1657) and viruses (EN 14675) at + 10 °C and lower stresses confirmed by independent assessors
  • reduced odour
  • without formaldehyde

Works in 5 minutes at 0.5 % against bird flu virus

Take care when using biocides. Always read the label and product information before use!

Ref. no.ContentsPUPallet
299696-FR1 kg / Bottle1/10450 PAL
299695250 g / Bottle1/201200 PAL
2996961 kg / Bottle1/10450 PAL
29969710 kg / Canister160 PAL
Active ingredient