Special Wet Rechargeable Battery 12 Volt

  • extremely low self-discharge
  • ideal for 12 V battery units with or without solar panel
  • designed especially for fencing units due to its slow charge and discharge cycles
  • acid: sulphuric acid 37 % = density of 1.28
  • supplied without acid
  • when not in use, the battery must be charged at least once a month
  • "dry pre-charged" battery
  • charge completely after filling with acid
  • capacity data for a 100-hour standard discharge (C100)
  • 1-year warranty (note: warranty does not cover deep discharging)

Important: for safety reasons, the batteries are supplied without battery acid. We recommend that they be filled by a professional "on site"!

Ref. no.VoltageCapacityL x W x HWeightBattery acidPU
44206012 V80 Ah242 x 175 x 190 mm10.8 kg3.2 L1
44206112 V100 Ah278 x 175 x 190 mm12.7 kg3.7 L1
44206212 V130 Ah353 x 175 x 190 mm15 kg5 L1