SnailStop Electric Slug Fence

The electric SnailStop snail fence protects your vegetables reliably against snails and is completely non-toxic. The current-carrying fence tape prompts snails to turn around.

The current is so low that it cannot be felt by humans or other animals and is harmless.

  • reliably protects vegetables from snails and is non-toxic
  • current-carrying fence tape forms an effective barrier that snails cannot cross
  • on first contact, the snail will establish an electrical contact and will feel an unpleasant tingling which will prompt it to turn away
  • low fence voltage of 9 Volts is unpleasant, but not dangerous for the snail
  • the low voltage is imperceptible and harmless for humans and other animals
  • easy installation thanks to self-adhesive fence tape that adheres to wood, metal, plastic, stone or concrete
  • can be extended to 30 m in length, several beds can be protected with just one power device
  • uncomplicated maintenance thanks to control LEDs for battery status and fence status
  • battery-operated, no power connection required
Ref. no.DescriptionPUPallet
2911301/45810 PAL
291131Display18 PAL
Ref. no.DescriptionLengthMOQPieces / unitPU
291125Power unit with connected contact clip and retaining plate   1/45
291126Bed Connector   1/50
291127Fence Tape Connector 1 pack2 / pack1/50
291128Fence Tape10 m  1/30/120
291129Fence Tape20 m  1/28/112
Ref. no.
Set consisting of:

1 x power unit with connected contact clip and retaining plate (291125)

1 x 10 m fence tape (291128)

1 x 9 Volt battery

1 x operating instructions