SmartCoop Poultry Waterer

The SmartCoop poultry drinker ensures your chickens have constant safe access to clean drinking water. The high-quality drinking nipples are very smooth-running and allow a natural scooping movement for the chickens.

In combination with the SmartCoop system, the water can be kept frost-free all year round and the level can be monitored in real time.

  • plug-in, threadless and sealed lid prevents mites from settling in
  • wall bracket for space-saving and secure mounting
  • drip tray for collecting excess water
  • drip tray rotatable for use as a step for chicks
  • sturdy, food-safe canister with carrying handle for comfortable handling
  • little space required, can also be accommodated well in small stables
  • Easy to clean

SmartCoop-compatible: an integrated, sealed cable entry allows the water bowl to be retrofitted with the SmartCoop water bowl heater and a level sensor (70652)

Ref. no.CapacityPUPallet
7065110 L1144 PAL44 PAL
Ref. no.DescriptionColourMaterialLengthWidthsuitable forPU
70655Mobile standgreymetal, varnished40 cm40 cm70651, 706601/4NEW