SmartCoop Control unit

The control is the heart of the SmartCoop system. All modules are connected to the control and programmed.

  • 12 slots inside the housing (1 x power supply, 11 x slots for modules)
  • with integrated daylight sensor and LED status indicator
  • in combination with the connectivity module (70620), all functions can be programmed and monitored using the app
  • impact-resistant, dust-proof plastic housing
  • large, illuminated display
Ref. no.PU
Ref. no.DescriptionLengthWidthDepthHeightCapacityCapacityPU
70620SmartCoop Connectivity Module      1/16
70621SmartCoop LED Barn Lighting      1/14/34
70622SmartCoop External Daylight Sensor      1
70623SmartCoop Signal Lamp      1
70624SmartCoop Air Temperature Sensor      1/34
70625SmartCoop Barn Ventilation Exhaust      1/12
70626SmartCoop Barn Ventilation      1/12
70640SmartCoop Cable Pull for Chicken Door      1/34
70645SmartCoop Chicken Door 56.5 cm7.5 cm39.7 cm  1
70651SmartCoop Poultry Waterer    10 L 1
70652SmartCoop Drinker Heater with Level Sensor      1
70660SmartCoop Feeder with Safety Flap36 cm27 cm 34 cm 7,5 kg1
70661Extension Set for Feeders     7,5 kg1
70662SmartCoop Feed Dispenser with Fill Level Sensor      1/12
Technical dataVoltageOperating voltage
70600230 V12 V