SmartCoop Barn Ventilation Exhaust

  • removes moisture and air contaminated with ammonia and provides effective protection against moisture damage and mould infestation
  • promotes a healthy barn climate and increases chicken well-being
  • configurable interval circuit: duty cycle, interval distance, fan power, night mode
  • incl. 200 cm connection cable for easy connection to the SmartCoop control unit
  • max. 120 m³/h
  • automatic, temperature-dependent switching on/off possible in combination with the air temperature sensor module (70624)
  • we recommend combined use with the barn ventilation module (70626) for an optimum barn climate
  • control (70600) required
  • 2 m or 4 m extension cable (70629, 70630) available

70627: suitable for the Mobile Coop poultry houses (81737, 81738)

Ref. no.PU
Ref. no.DescriptionLengthPU
70629Extension Cord2 m1/66