• Optimised blade geometry with hollowed grinding
  • Improved grinding capacity and increased material service life for long periods of use
  • Selected steel tool with special hardening
  • suitable for constanta, FarmClipper and other common brands, such as Heiniger, Aesculap and Liscop

made by Aesculap

Ref. no.DescriptionUpper blade teethLower blade teethShearing typeMOQPieces / unitPU
18955Cow2321All-round Cattle Shearing, extremely dirty animals1 blister pack1 / blister pack1/100
18959Cow1718fine-wool sheep shearing, Cattle Shearing1 blister pack1 / blister pack1/50
18956Cattle / Horse1531slightly dirty animals, Horse Shearing, Cattle Shearing1 blister pack1 / blister pack1/100
18957Cattle / Horse2331Udder Clipping, Fine cut1 blister pack1 / blister pack1/100
18958Cow1531Fine cut, skin-level, for vets1 blister pack1 / blister pack1/100