Premium AGM Battery

  • immediately ready for use

rechargeable AGM Fleece Battery

filled and charged, ready to install immediately

capacity data for a 100-hour standard discharge (C100)

low self-discharging compared to standard batteries

in OEM quality

better charging behaviour (e.g. when charging via solar modules) and longer performance, even with short charging and discharging cycles (= more micro-cycle resistant) than conventional AGM batteries or standard lead-acid batteries

can be stored for at least 9 months

leakproof: double cover with safety valve, gas recombination and backfire protection

The new alternative to popular lead-acid batteries. The AGM fleece technology makes topping up battery acid a thing of the past.

Fleece batteries are completely leak-proof, maintenance-free and extremely cycle-resistant.

IMPORTANT: AGM batteries are closed systems. Opening the battery voids the warranty!

  • 1-year warranty (note: warranty does not cover deep discharging)
Ref. no.VoltageCapacityLengthWidthHeightWeightPUPallet
44206712 V75 Ah242 mm175 mm190 mm17.9 kg176 PAL
44120312 V88 Ah275 mm175 mm190 mm20.7 kg168 PAL
44120412 V110 Ah353 mm175 mm190 mm26.4 g148 PAL