Premium AGM Battery 32

  • immediately ready for use
  • for all 9 Volt devices that are also designed for 12 Volt operation
  • must be installed lying on its side for some 9 V unit types

rechargeable AGM Fleece Battery

filled and charged, ready to install immediately

capacity data for a 100-hour standard discharge (C100)

low self-discharging compared to standard batteries

in OEM quality

better charging characteristics than standard lead/acid and AGM batteries (e.g. when charging from solar panels)

supports short charge/discharge cycles better than standard lead/acid or AGM batteries (micro-cycle window)

can be stored for at least 9 months

leakproof: double cover with safety valve, gas recombination and backfire protection

1-year warranty (note: warranty does not cover deep discharging)

ideal for 9 V devices

IMPORTANT: AGM batteries are closed systems. Opening the battery voids the warranty!

Ref. no.VoltageCapacityL x W x HWeightPU
44125012 V32 Ah165 x 175 x 125 mm7.8 kg1