Power Profi NDi 10000 digital

  • extremely high-capacity power supply unit with intelligent power adjustment
  • for robust animal species such as cows, sheep, horses and for deterring wild animals – for long fences with heavier vegetative growth

The smart 230 V power energiser line from AKO – extremely effective, for very robust animals and for very long fences even with vegetation!

AKO NDi units automatically adapt to the fence status, ensuring the highest security and making your work easier by damaging vegetation growth to some degree

Delayed shock strength adjustment makes touching the fence safer for people and animals

the fence is constantly monitored by an alarm function, which triggers an alarm and slows the pulse sequence if the fence is touched for an extended period of time

Digital Display Readout for Fence and Earth Voltage and Energy Consumption

Ref. no.PUPallet
372810181 PAL
ModelRef. no.Stored Energymax. discharge energymin. discharge energymax. voltageVoltage in Open CircuitVoltage at 500 Ohmstheoretical fence length as per VDEmax. fence length without vegetationmax. fence length with medium vegetationmax. fence length with high vegetationApprox. Number of Electrifiable NetsQty 1 m earth postsQty 2 m earth postsPower Consumption
NDi 10000 digital37281014 J10 J0.55 J10200 V9600 V6900 V300 km80 km18 km9 km255313 W