Power Profi N 5000

  • very effective 230 volt power supply
  • can be used with medium to heavy vegetative growth
  • our all-round device for all types of animal

extremely powerful 230 volt mains energisers

for very strong animals and for very long fences- even with vegetative growth

bright LED displays allow for easy visual monitoring of the current fence and device status at a glance

Multi-colour LED Bar Graph Display for Monitoring Fence and Earth Voltage

Ref. no.PUPallet
3728041108 PAL
ModelRef. no.Stored Energymax. discharge energymin. discharge energymax. voltageVoltage in Open CircuitVoltage at 500 Ohmstheoretical fence length as per VDEmax. fence length without vegetationmax. fence length with medium vegetationmax. fence length with high vegetationApprox. Number of Electrifiable NetsQty 1 m earth postsQty 2 m earth postsPower Consumption
N 50003728047 J5 J0.55 J10000 V9200 V6800 V140 km45 km8 km4.5 km15317 W