Philips Infrared Energy-Saving Lamp

  • sturdy design thanks to moulded glass
  • Save up to 30 % on your energy costs now (compared to conventional infrared lamps)
  • This lamp stands out from the crowd thanks to its cost-effectiveness (average service life approx 5,000 hours), excellent heat transmission directed straight toward the animal, directly warming the surface of its skin. This ensures an optimum heat balance and boosts circulation in the tissues and muscle layers
  • universally usable e.g. poultry, piglets, veterinary therapy, drying processes for feed and food in agriculture
  • fits infra-red heater

Save up to 30 % on your energy costs!

  • splash-proof
  • Lamp Base: E27
  • PAR 38
  • Voltage: 230 V
Ref. no.ColourPowerPUPallet
22302red100 W1/12396 PAL
22302-Sred100 W1/12396 PAL
22303red175 W1/12396 PAL
22303-Sred175 W1/12396 PAL
22304Clear100 W1/12396 PAL
22304-S100 W1/12396 PAL
22309Clear175 W1/12396 PAL
22309-S175 W1/12396 PAL