• the Octo Wood post with the ingenious octagonal profile made of Pinius Silvestris = pine wood
  • thus provides simple mounting without pre-drilling
  • this post is also well-suited for erecting a wooden fence
  • furthermore, the octagonal profile also ensures a secure rest in pallets and allows for excellent transportation without rolling
  • highly effective high-pressure treatment as per use class 4, preventive protection against insects, fungi and soft rot
  • suitable for continuous earth and water contact
  • sensational 10-year warranty!

Ideal for corner, gate, first and last posts

  • Material: Wood
Ref. no.DescriptionTotal heightpost øPUPallet
441827Corner / Gate Post210 cm140 mm148 PAL
441828Corner / Gate Post250 cm140 mm148 PAL
441820Track Post150 cm60 mm1252 PAL
441821Track Post200 cm60 mm1252 PAL
441822Track Post180 cm80 mm1154 PAL
441823Track Post200 cm80 mm1154 PAL
441824Track Post225 cm80 mm1154 PAL
441825Track Post200 cm100 mm199 PAL
441826Track Post225 cm100 mm199 PAL
Ref. no.DescriptionHeightPU
441835Cross Bar Octo Wood350 cm1