Milk heater for calf feeding SuperHeat

The innovative temperature sensor, which now measures directly in the milk at its coldest point close to the base, makes continuous heating possible without timing.

This means the SuperHeat reaches the set temperature very quickly and accurately. The new shape of the conical heating base also promotes milk circulation.

The warm milk rises and is further accelerated by the constricted flow area.

  • the set temperature is reached very quickly and accurately
  • visual signal output, e.g. when the set target temperature is reached
  • safety cut-out in the event of dry operation
  • connecting cable holder so that the connecting plug always stays dry
  • with practical and reliable handle
  • very easy to clean thanks to its anti-dirt PTFE coating
  • Patent pending

The conical heating base and the additional external temperature sensor makes the SuperHeat faster than milk heaters of a similar power class.

Ref. no.Heating outputHeightPlug typePUPallet
140002300 W80 cmwith earthed plug125 PAL
Technical dataVoltageMains frequencyDiameter of the heating elementDip depthTemperature control range up toWeightConnecting CableProtection classProtection class
14000230 V50 Hz16 cm16 cm70 cm10 °C90 °C3.8 kg3 mIPX7I