Mastitis Detector MD4Q2

The mastitis detector means it is possible to detect changes in the milk before an acute udder infection (mastitis) develops.

The mastitis detector measures the electrical resistance of milk from the individual quarters of the udder. Research work has shown that the salt content in the milk increases significantly when a mastitis infection breaks out.

The salt content or electrical resistance can therefore be used as an indicator for mastitis.

The equipment detects changes in the milk long before other clinical symptoms and indications can be seen, so that it provides a reliable diagnostic tool for sub-clinical mastitis.

  • waterproof housing
  • the equipment can be carried and can be used without any problem both in the stable and in the pasture
  • large LED display
  • results from all udder quarters are shown on the display same time, so that comparison of the values is much easier
  • results can be stored and transferred to the computer via USB cable for later interpretation
  • memory for 250 animals and 200,000 measurements with date and time
  • operated with: 4 x 1.5 V - AA (Mignon) LR6
  • Battery included
Ref. no.PU

Technical data