Hygienic Teat

with antibacterial action

A calf’s health is of the utmost importance in the first few weeks of its life. This means you can avoid not only losses during the rearing phase.

Being healthy as a young animal also paves the way for later high performance, robustness and fertility.

Clean accommodation with low exposure to bacteria and few pathogens is a building block for success. Especially for ad libitum feeding, the hygienic cleanliness of the water bowl or teat is a key factor.

The hygienic teat has a proven antibacterial effect provided by the addition of silver into the natural rubber blend. This remains even after long-term use, above and beyond the life of ordinary teats.

  • standard teat shape fits most valve types (e.g. hygienic valve)
  • long-term antibacterial effect through addition of silver
  • no health hazard
  • DIN EN ISO tested
Ref. no.ColourLengthMOQPieces / unitPU
14730blue100 mm1 pouch10 / pouch1/40