Float Bowl Biglac 25

  • 17.5 cm deep trough made from high-strength polyethylene with inner edge to limit waste when slurping
  • with constant water level
  • Drain at the base
  • the float valve is not accessible to the animals and maintains a pressure of 9 bar
  • galvanised mounting plate
  • Connection with hose made from woven stainless steel, above or below, right or left, 1/2” inner thread
  • suitable for 15 large cattle
  • for wall and pipe mounting
Ref. no.ColourWater connectionCapacityPUPallet
22349green1/2" IG25 L116 PAL
Technical dataDimensions (W x D x H)Connection optionWater flow rateFlow rateFlow rateWeight
22349from left, right, above or below4 bar34 L/min