The Flexible Gate System

Flexigate makes it easy for you to electrify paddock entrances. On opening the conductor material will be reeled up automatically by a steel spring.

  • secured with 2 included wooden screws DIRECTLY to the wooden post
  • no sagging of tapes or ropes
  • no stumbling for humans and animals
  • no catching of mane or tail hair
  • no soiling of conductor material
  • end-to-end electrical contact
  • Connecting cable not included

Especially suitable for horse paddocks! End-to-end electrical contact.

Ref. no.DescriptionColourmax. passage widthElasticityPieces / unitPU
441298/011with 40 mm tapeblack / red7.5 m1 / blister pack1/10
441299/011with 6 mm ropeblack / red7.5 m- 7.5 m1 / blister pack1/10
Ref. no.DescriptionColourPieces / unitPU
44617/011Tape Connecting Cablered1 / blister pack1/90
44627/011Rope Connecting Cablered1 / blister pack1/90