Flexible Trough FlexBag

  • Trough made of robust but extremely flexible plastic
  • universally usable, in and around the pasture and stable, as a feeding, travel or cleaning bucket and in the home and garden
  • two handles for easy transport
Ref. no.ColourCapacityPUPAL
323530green12 L1/10480 PAL
323531purple12 L1/10480 PAL
323532red12 L1/10480 PAL
3210248blue15 L1/10480 PAL
3210247red15 L1/10480 PAL
323533blue28 L1/10240 PAL
323534yellow28 L1/10240 PAL
323535red28 L1/10240 PAL
323536blue42 L1/10200 PAL
323537yellow42 L1/10200 PAL
323538red42 L1/10200 PAL
326198blue60 L1/10400 PAL
326197red60 L1/10400 PAL