Feeding Bucket with Valve FixClip New Generation

The FixClip valve breaks completely new ground with the patented clamp closure, making removal and installation, as well as the cleaning of the valve and teat, easier and quicker than ever before.

  • minimal bacterial contamination and therefore healthier calves
  • minimal time required for changing and cleaning the valve
  • Easy to clean

New generation –The completely modified shape guarantees a secure fit for the clip and valve body. The additional extension on the back of the clip, in particular, makes it easier to use, because it fastens the clip to the bucket and ensures a secure fitting while calves drink.

  • with printed fill scale on the back, with additional embossed scale on the inside
  • food safe
  • with metal carry handle
Ref. no.DescriptionColourCapacityMOQPieces / unitPUPAL
14235with natural rubber teatwhite transparent8 L5 pieces5 / pack1/5180 PAL