• fill level easy to see from a distance
  • Easy to clean
Ref. no.ColourCapacityPUPAL
14266white transparent8 L1/10240 PAL
14267yellow transparent8 L1/10240 PAL
14285berry transparent8 L1/10240 PAL
14268transparent pink8 L1/10240 PAL
14269blue transparent8 L1/10240 PAL
14284white transparent13 L1260 PAL
Ref. no.DescriptionColourPU
14276Screw Valve 149 and Super Teat 147grey1/50
14237Valve FixClip New Generation with natural rubber teatblue1/25
14278Hygienic Valve with latex teat 1454yellow1/25
14277Screw Valve 149 and Latex Teat 1454grey1/50