Electric Cattle Gate Electro Gate

  • powered by fencers and easy to integrate in already installed fence systems
  • the flexible fibre-glass sticks are covered with electrically conductive rubber
  • insulated gate handles for pedestrians
  • the physical law of the Faraday cage protects the driver against electric shocks
  • opens in both directions and self-closing behind
  • lockable in open position
Ref. no.Colourmax. passage widthPU
44283black1.2 m1
44281black3.6 m1
44282black5 m1
441287black6 m1
Ref. no.DescriptionPU
441288Spare Rod Electro Gate1
44284Spare Rod Electro Gate1/50
44285Spare Rod Electro Gate1/50
44286Spare Hinge Electro Gate1
Set consisting of:

2 x stick

2 x hinges

1 x insulated ground cable