Compact Power B260 multi

highly effective 9/12/230 V fence device for mobile use

for fences with low vegetation

  • ideal for horses, cattle, pigs, poultry, dogs, cats and herons
  • incl. 12 Volt connection cable (item No. 44641/011) and 230 Volt mains adapter (item No. 371016)

multi-colour LED bar graph display for output voltage and battery control

Ref. no.PUPallet
372026-A154 PAL
ModelRef. no.Stored Energymax. discharge energymax. voltageVoltage in Open CircuitVoltage at 500 Ohmstheoretical fence length as per VDEmax. fence length without vegetationmax. fence length with medium vegetationQty 1 m earth postsPower Consumption
B260 multi372026-A0.38 J0.26 J9800 V9100 V3100 V8 km4 km1 km134 mA
Included in delivery:

1 x fence unit

1 x 12 volt adapter cable (44641/011)

1 x 230 volt power pack (371016)

1 x fence / ground connector cable

1 x installation ground rod

1 x warning sign

1 x 9 Volt, 75 Ah battery (44220)