cit Stable fly concentrate CyperFly

  • can be used effectively for flies, horseflies, mosquitoes and crawling insects in cattle, pig, horse and poultry stalls and stables
  • applied to areas preferred by flies such as window sills, door frames, sunny wall surfaces, etc.
  • immediate and long-term effect for up to 4 weeks
  • synergistic combination of active ingredients

up to 1,000 m² of stable floor (spraying)

also for misting to 3,000 m²

Take care when using biocides.

Always read the label and product information before use.

Ref. no.ContentsPUPallet
2995311000 ml / Bottle1/12480 PAL

Spraying method: Mix 1000 ml with 10 litres of water for sufficient agent for a surface area of up to 500 m² (approx. 1000 m² of floor area).

Wipe-on method: mix 500 ml with 0.5 kg of sugar and 0.5 litres of water and brush onto strips of approximately 30 x 10 cm or cardboard strips of 20 x 15 cm - use 1 litre of coating solution per 200 m² of floor area.

When used with misting equipment, e.g. the cold fog machine: at a ratio of 1:10, mix water with 4 ml of prepared solution/m³.