cit Spraying machine FlyBooster

Practical spraying machine to rid your home or also stables of flies, horseflies, mosquitoes etc.

The spraying machine in combination with the effective insect repellent FlyBooster (299959) keeps the desired areas free of flies, mosquitoes, mites, black flies and other flying insects!

  • Spraying machine with adjustable intervals for continuous dispensing of the associated insecticide
  • easy setting of the desired spraying intervals with the help of the clear and user-friendly remote control
  • 6 intervals for 8 or 12-hour operation, freely selectable whether during the day, at night or over 24 hours
  • for optimum effect, the spraying machine should be installed 2 metres above the ground
  • operated with: 2 x 1.5 V - AA (Mignon)
  • battery and mounting material included in scope of delivery

The spraying machine for fly-free areas!

Ref. no.PUPalette
2999581/6480 PAL
Ref. no.DescriptionContentsPU
299959cit Insect spray FlyBooster250 ml1/6

every 5 minutes for up to 160 m³, 45 - 60 m²

every 10 minutes for up to 80 m³, 25 - 30 m²

every 15 minutes for up to 55 m³, 16 - 20 m²

every 20 minutes for up to 40 m³, 10 - 15 m²

every 25 minutes for up to 32 m³, 9 - 12 m²

every 30 minutes for up to 26 m³, 8 - 10 m²

Technical dataWidthDepthHeightHousing material
29995870 mm65 mm200 mmPlastic