cit Poisoned Wheat ArvaStop

  • specially prepared wheat to control voles
  • approved for use in arable, vegetable and fruit crops, in forest and ornamental plants, vines, meadows and pastures
  • Thermal pretreatment makes wheat not viable
  • fast and effective action and no gas leakage before bait is taken
  • Important: The bait must be introduced deeply into rodent pathways, in locations inaccessible to birds. There must be no bait left on the surface. Do not use in buildings
  • Usage: to combat voles approx. 5 g / 8-10 m path length

The active ingredient, zinc phosphide, in the bait only begins its fast and reliable effect once the rodent has eaten it and it comes into contact with stomach acid

Use plant protection products safely. Read the instructions to avoid risks to people and the environment.

Ref. no.ContentsPU
2995285 kg / Bucket1
Active ingredient
Zinc phosphide