cit Liquid Concentrate MilbaStop Ultra

For combating red fowl mite in poultry and other pens

  • effective specially against the red mite in small animal cages, poultry and pigeon coops as well as cattle, horse and pig barns
  • pests are killed as soon as they come into contact with Milba Stop Ultra

How to use: Mix MilbaStop Ultra Spray Concentrate with water in the ratio 1:40. 250 ml MilbaStop Ultra = 10 litres solution = 300 m² stable floor area. Spray the areas affected by mites with the solution (stables, building cracks, manure etc.). Repeat treatment after 5-6 days. Works for up to 6 weeks!

Use with fogging equipment, e.g. cold fogger: Mix with water in the ratio 1:20. 5 litres of application solution for up to 2,500 m² of stable area.

up to 300 m² of stable floor (spraying)

Not suitable for direct use on animals!

Take care when using biocides. Always read the label and product information before use!

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299738250 ml / Bottle1/12
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