cit Ant Powder

  • an odour-free security solution against ants, but also against lice, silverfish, bedbugs etc.
  • rapid and long-lasting effect against any ant infestations
  • Powder is easy to sprinkle on all the cracks and crevices (floor, parquet, stairs) and all areas heavily frequented by ants
  • the ants will transport the fine powder into their nest and other places of assembly and so transmit the agent toxic to ants to others of their species and their brood.
  • synergistic combination of active ingredients
Take care when using biocides.

Always read the label and product information before use.

Ref. no.ContentsPUPallet
15450600 g / Shaker1/12540 PAL

Application: sprinkle on the ant routes along walls, ledges, cracks, gaps and recesses. Create a circular barrier near the nest.