Cattle Brush HAPPYCOW Uno

The back, tail and torso, but also the head, are brushed thanks to the diagonal, conical arrangement.

The HAPPYCOW Uno can be mounted almost anywhere without an additional frame.

The control is well protected in the machine housing.

  • the cow cleaning machine is automatically activated by the animals slightly raising the brush
  • high-quality bristles ensure a long service life
  • optimised brushes ensure that animals are happy to use them
  • Continuous lubrication of the gear over the machine's entire lifetime
  • intelligent electronics for fault-free and low-maintenance operation
  • control with clearly visible display to indicate the operating status
  • variable setting options for brush running time (10 - 300 s)
  • the changing direction of the brush after ever activation ensures even wear of the brushes
  • the torque safety shutdown stops the brush when it encounters too much resistance, ensuring safety in the barn
  • plug ready for connection to 230 V socket
  • all steel parts are hot dip galvanised

a quality product developed and produced by Kerbl

Ref. no.DescriptionColourWidthDepthHeightPU
18690with PP bristlesred / blue50 cm110 cm120 cm1
18680with PA bristlesred / blue50 cm110 cm120 cm1
Ref. no.DescriptionColourMaterialPUPalette
18709Bounce frame HAPPYCOW galvanised metal1 
18691Brush Kit Complete incl. 2 End Discs from 2004 modelred / bluePolypropylene18 PAL
18681Brush Kit Complete incl. 2 End Discs from 2004 modelred / bluePolyamide1/18 PAL

Technical dataPowerWeightProtection classØ brush
18690370 W110 kgIP56270 mm - 500 mm
18680370 W110 kgIP56270 mm - 500 mm

Preview imageItem. No.Description18680
 187005Spring Ring- DIN127 - B12 -galx
 187006Spring Ring - DIN127 - B6 -galx
 187009Washer DIN EN 522-6,x
Motor Capacitor 16 µF187016Motor Capacitor 16 µFx
 187018Microfuse 6,3x32mm, T 6,3Ax
 187019Pinion E-motor Cow Clea. Mach.x
 187020Cover STM-Motorx
 187046Base plate external housingx
 18746Gear Oil for 18690 + 18700x
 18812-5230V-cable, 3mx
 18817-1Spare PCB for 18817x
 18817-REPRepl. control for 18690x
 6402Spring ring - DIN127 - A10 -x
 6425Washer - DIN125 - A10.5 - galx
 6426Washer - DIN125 - A17 - gal.x
 6427Washer - DIN125 - A4 - galx
 6428Washer DIN125-A8x
 6429Washer - DIN125 - A20 - galx
 6430Washer - DIN 522 -x
 6431Hexagon Nut - DIN985 -x
 6432Hexagon Nut - DIN985 -x
 6433Hexagon Nut - DIN985 -x
 6434Hexagon Nut - DIN985 -x
 6435Hexagon Nut - DIN985 -x
 6436Hexagon Bolt - DIN 931 -x
 6437Hexagon Bolt - DIN 933 -x
 6438Hexagon bolt - DIN933 -x
 6439Hexagon Bolt - DIN933 -x
 6440Hexagon Bolt - DIN933 -x
 6441Hexagon Bolt - DIN933 -x
 6442Hexagon Bolt - DIN933 -x
 6443Hexagon Bolt - DIN933 -x
 6444Retaining Washer - M - M8x
 6445Cylinder Screw - DIN912 -x
 6446Washer - DIN522 -x
 6447Cylinder Screw - DIN912 -x
 6448Hexagon Bolt - DIN931 -x
 6449Hexagon Bolt - DIN571 -x
 6450Hexagon Nut - DIN985 -x
 6451Blind Rivetx
 6452Washer - DIN125 - A18 - gal.x
 18681Replacement brush PA f. modelsx
 187001Internal housingx
 187002Earth cable for CC Machinex
 187007Con. Lubrica. Nipple DIN 71412x
 187010Contact Switch Retaining Clipx
 187011Shock Absorber Retainerx
 187012Motor Stop Cow Clean. Machinex
 187013Socket 30x5 L=28mmx
 187021Fan Wheel STM-Motorx
 187022Microfuse 6,3x32mm, F 6,3Ax
 18704housing for circuit boardx
 187041External Housing Cow Cleaningx
 187047Control Box Holder forx
 187056Wire End ferr. 1.0mm² 12/6.0mmx
 18707gear motor for 18700 completex
 18710Stl shaft f. UNO 18680 +18690x
 18712Rubber buffer 20x20-M6x18,x
 18714end switchx
 18720Clip Connector Angles, 9-polex
 18726clamping sleeve 8 x 70x
 18727clamping sleeve 5 x 70x
 18733Cable from control to motorx
 18734Bearing for UCF 212x
rubber buffer 40x20mm M6x1818738rubber buffer 40x20mm M6x18x
 18739Key 8x7x90mm forx
 18740Brush Closure Lid D120 x 6x
 18745Plastic shaft for CowCleanerx