CalfHouse Premium XL

The multi-animal Calf House made from glass fibre reinforced plastic offers space for up to 5 calves (local animal protection regulations must be observed). A sliding window is placed at the back to make animal control and filling the optional hay rack, among other things, easier.

The additional reinforcing frame around the Calf House ensures the highest stability.

The Calf House with fence provides optimum oversight and makes animal control easier.

  • Feeding places can be individually blocked
  • Side grilles can easily be swung back against the cabin walls
  • easy access via large entrance door, even a calf transporter fits through the door
  • pre-drilled holes on runners for straw catching and floor securing
  • house and fence easy to transport with a tractor
  • Feeding bucket and long feeder troughs not included

14520: Included: Hut incl. reinforcing frames and fencing, eyebolts, wooden sleeper, drinking bucket holder and two trough holders for long feed troughs (item no. 3268).

Local animal protection regulations must be observed.
Ref. no.DescriptionPUPallet
14520CalfHouse Premium XL with fencing1
14530CalfHouse Premium XL with fencing – 2-piece set1
14518CalfHouse Premium XL single14 PAL
Ref. no.DescriptionMaterialLengthWidthHeightMOQPieces / unitPUPalette
14522Fence for CalfHouse Premium XLgalvanised metal     1 
14466Canopypolyester, PVC-coated300 cm270 cm   1 
14524Reinforcing Framegalvanised metal     1 
14526Trough Holder for Long Feed Troughgalvanised metal82 cm13.5 cm18 cm  1200 PAL
14527holder for concentrate bucket 5 feeding placesgalvanised metal184 cm42 cm20 cm  136 PAL
14529Tread Protection Set      1 
14528Feeding place separatorgalvanised metal37.5 cm14 cm55.2 cm1 pack2 / pack1100 PAL
14458thresholdLarch203 cm3.5 cm19 cm  152 PAL
14454Hay Rackgalvanised metal113 cm41 cm38 cm  132 PAL

Technical dataHouse materialExternal hut dimensionsFencing dimensions
14520GFK238 cm x 223 cm x 189 cm209 x 221 x 120 cm
14530GFK238 cm x 223 cm x 189 cm209 x 447 x 120 cm
14518GFK238 cm x 223 cm x 189 cm