CalfHouse Premium DUO

  • convenient rearing and farming of calves in pairs or small groups
  • the house has space for three calves up to 150 kg in weight
  • three feeding locations with drinking bucket holders and additional fold-out bucket holders on the front element
  • front element can be swapped between house and fence
  • inwards and outwards swinging door with single-handed door operation
  • House can be tilted forward, providing simple access for cleaning
  • easily pushed by hand, thanks to integrated rollers, fold-up fence, and curved grip on the back
  • simple relocation of the house using a tractor, thanks to transport rails on the roof
  • also ideally suited for ecologically managed operations, for group rearing from the start

14618: Included: house and fence, lifting rails, metal threshold, 3 drinking bucket holders, and 3 concentrate bucket holders

Local animal protection regulations must be observed.

Available from: April 2024

Ref. no.DescriptionPUPallet
14617CalfHouse Premium DUO without fencing15 PAL
14618CalfHouse Premium DUO with fencing13 PAL

Group rearing made easy: The spacious, high-quality calf house with fence has room for as many as three calves up to 150 kg in weight, and yet its external dimensions are the same as two single boxes combined.

For greater animal well-being: In the CalfHouse Premium DUO the animals can play with and learn from each other from the start, as per their natural social behaviour. This makes the box ideally suited for ecologically managed operations.

Practical handling: The door can be swung inwards and outwards for easy access, and can be operated with one hand. It has three feeding locations with drinking bucket holders and fold-out bucket holders for food, and can easily be swapped between fence and igloo.

Easy to clean: The house can be pushed onto its front side from the back; the fence can be pushed up and positioned vertically above the house. This enables easy access to forecourt and interior, so that the igloo can be cleaned easily and thoroughly.

Uncomplicated assembly, dismantling, and conversion: Integrated wheels, a curved grip on the back, and the fold-up fence make it simple to push the calf house by hand. Special transport rails on the roof of the igloo make it simple to move using a tractor.

Technical dataHouse materialExternal hut dimensionsFencing dimensionsFencing weight
14617GFK205 cm x 179 cm x 145 cm
14618GFK205 cm x 179 cm x 145 cm169 x 153 x 108 cmapprox. 70 kg