CalfHouse PE UV+

The especially robust one!

High stability and durability are ensured because it is made from high-quality, impact-resistant HDPE plastic with integrated UV stabilisers.

The hut entrance threshold, reinforced with steel tubes, ensures a high level of stability.

Optimal climate control of the Calf House is achieved via the adjustable ventilation flap that can be fixed at all levels.

This also makes it easy to fill the Hay Rack. The especially smooth interior surfaces make cleaning child's play and thus improves hygiene.

  • increasing roof slope with ventilation openings ensure optimum air circulation so that humid air can heat escape at the top
  • pure white surfaces prevent overheating of the interior space
  • additional UV stabilisers prevent the calf house heating excessively and reduce the natural degeneration of the material
  • Bucket, feed box and hay rack not included

Suitable in accordance with animal welfare regulations:

Our calf houses and boxes comply with animal welfare regulations and have the optimum design for the requirements of calf rearing. Find out more online at

Local animal protection regulations must be observed!

Ref. no.DescriptionPUPallet
14565CalfHouse PE UV+ without fencing117 PAL
14566CalfHouse PE UV+ with light fencing14 PAL
14570CalfHouse PE UV+ with heavy fencing14 PAL
Ref. no.DescriptionMaterialLengthWidthHeightPUPalette
145620Fence Easymetal galvanised150 cm110 cm96 cm124 PAL
14567threshold Retrofit Kitmetal98 cm2.5 cm17 cm1200 PAL
14568Door and Tyre Set for CalfHouse PE UV+    134 PAL
14572Fence heavymetal galvanised150 cm110 cm96 cm122 PAL
3230Hay Rack small modelmetal galvanised56 cm29.5 cm23 cm178 PAL
Technical dataHouse materialExternal hut dimensionsFencing dimensionsFencing weight
14565polyethylene205 x 115 x 135 cm  
14566polyethylene205 x 115 x 135 cm150 x 110 x 96 cm30 kg
14570polyethylene205 x 115 x 135 cm150 x 110 x 96 cm45 kg