CalfHouse Heavy Plus

The especially robust one!

The CalfHouse Heavy Plus is especially stable through its design and increased weight, boasting very high tensile strength and impact resistance. The peripheries and edges are extra robust and guarantee long durability.

The house’s generous dimensions offer plenty of space and weather protection for the calf and room to treat the calf for the farmer.

This Calf House also has an optimal ventilation system that regulates the climate in the house without any draughts.

  • Hut weight: approx. 37 kg
  • Bucket and feed box not included

Robust design – thicker walls than conventional calf houses

Local animal protection regulations must be observed!

Ref. no.DescriptionPU
14575CalfHouse Heavy Plus without fencing1
14576CalfHouse Heavy Plus with light fencing1
14577CalfHouse Heavy Plus with heavy fencing1
Ref. no.DescriptionMaterialLengthWidthHeightWeightPUPalette
14304thresholdPlastic100 cm2.3 cm14.5 cm4 kg1168 PAL
144322Fence heavymetal galvanised150 cm110 cm96 cm45 kg122 PAL
144720Fence Easymetal galvanised150 cm110 cm96 cm30 kg124 PAL
Technical dataHouse materialFencing dimensionsFencing weight
14576GFK150 x 110 x 96 cm30 kg
14577GFK150 x 110 x 96 cm45 kg