Calf Feeder Tray Multi Feeder

No portioning
  • for the simultaneous provision of drinks to up to 5 calves
  • makes animal surveillance easier during milk feeding
  • without portioning and with rounded corners, thus very easy to clean
  • for hanging on barn walls, feed barriers, fences, etc. (pipes up to max. Ø 61 mm (2")
  • with an easy to use rotary snap closure for attaching and securing to the tray
  • ideally suited to the large-area Calf House (item nos. 14440, 14520, 14540)
  • stackable
  • easy to transport
  • not suitable for sanitary valves (ref. 14220/2, Art. 14230) and FixClip Valves
Ref. no.DescriptionColourCapacityLengthWidthHeightPUPAL
14218with 5 valves (149) and 5 Super Teats (147)green30 L70 cm35.4 cm27.8 cm157 PAL
14201with 5 valves (149) and 5 latex teats (1454)green30 L70 cm35.4 cm27.8 cm157 PAL
14202with 5 Big Softy Teats (14141)green30 L70 cm35.4 cm27.8 cm157 PAL
14215single, with large openings for Super and Latex Teatsgreen30 L70 cm35.4 cm27.8 cm157 PAL
14203single, with small openings for Big Softy Teatsgreen30 L70 cm35.4 cm27.8 cm157 PAL
Ref. no.DescriptionColourMOQPieces / unitPU
14141/5Teat Big Softyblack1 blister pack5 / blister pack1
14142Corner Piece for Big Softy and Little Softy Teats with valveorange1 pack10 / pack1
14144Corner Piece for Big Softy and Little Softy Teats without valvewhite1 pack10 / pack1
14214Cover Hood for Multi Feederblack  1/100
14890/5sealing ringwhite1 pack5 / pack1
14910/5Screw Valve 149 and Super Teat 147grey1 pack5 / pack1
14915/5Screw Valve 149 and Latex Teat 1454grey1 pouch5 / pouch1