Boot disinfectant bath Premium

  • simple and fast option for disinfecting boots
  • for the avoidance of bringing germs into the barn
  • high impact polyethylene for abrasion and chemical resistance
  • suitable for all commercially available disinfectants
  • incl. base profile for optimal traction
  • with gauge display (litre, IMP GAL, US LIQ GAL)
  • can also be used as a receptacle for disinfectant mats (item no. 3282838, 16490)
Ref. no.ColourLengthWidthHeightCapacityPUPAL
16594black74 cm57 cm14.5 cm40 L1132 PAL
Ref. no.DescriptionColourLengthWidthHeightCapacityPU
16490Disinfection Matblue55 cm45 cm3 cm6 L1
3282838Scratch and Cleaning Mat KratzPadgreen40 cm60 cm  1/10