Bolus Calzogol

Calcium bolus (milk fever)
  • Cows with optimum calcium supply have a better start to lactation, are healthier and produce more milk.
  • very high levels of fast and slow availability calcium (45 g) and vitamin D3 (40,000 I.E.) per bolus!
  • calcium sources with varying release rates supply the cow evenly with calcium
  • very well tolerated by membranes – no irritation of the mouth, esophagus and rumen
  • no caustic calcium chloride
  • easy application and economical – one bolus per dose is enough

Feeding recommendation:

Administer one bolus with the applicator as per the instructions when calving. If required, administer a second bolus approx. 12 hours after birth.

Dietary mineral feed for milk cows to lower the risk of milk fever.

High calcium content in the form of readily available calcium salts.

Ref. no.Single weightMOQPieces / unitPU
15980175 g1 pack4 / pack1/8