Aesculap Shearing blades Econom

  • very long service life thanks to wear-resistant carbon steel
  • cutting surfaces can be reground very often
  • resistant surface coating
  • ideal hardness thanks to vacuum hardening process
  • made on CNC machines, producing consistently high level of quality
Ref. no.DescriptionShearing heightLower blade teethPU
GT501Upper blade  1/10/100
GT502Bottom blade3 mm311/10/100
GT503Upper blade  1/10/100
GT504Bottom blade3 mm181/10/100
GT505Upper blade all-round shear  1/10/100
GT507Bottom blade3 mm211/10/100
GT506Bottom blade3 mm231/10/100
GT508Bottom blade0.1 mm511/10/100
GT511Bottom blade1 mm311/10/100
GT510Bottom blade5 mm241/10/100