Aesculap Cutter head SnapOn

Recognised quality for professional use.

  • simpler and better servicing thanks to use of high-quality carbon steel
  • more pleasurable working before regrinding is needed
  • can be reground up to 7 x

Please only have your clipping heads and clippers sharpened or repaired at the service centres listed in the manual or by an authorised dealer!

Ref. no.Shear head sizeShearing heightShear widthPU
GT305500.2 mm40 mm1/10/50
GT310400.25 mm40 mm1/10/50
GT317300.5 mm40 mm1/10/50
GT3205/80.8 mm20 mm1/10/50
GT3237/80.8 mm20 mm1/10/50
GT326151.2 mm40 mm1/10/50
GT330101.5 mm40 mm1/10/50
GT33392 mm40 mm1/10/50
GT33910 wide2.4 mm60 mm1/10/50
GT3418 1/22.8 mm40 mm1/10/50
GT34373.2 mm40 mm1/10/50
GT3457 F3.2 mm40 mm1/10/50
GT35756.3 mm40 mm1/10/50
GT3605 F6.3 mm40 mm1/10/50
GT36649.5 mm40 mm1/10/50
GT3644 F9.5 mm40 mm1/10/50