Aesculap Cutter head Favorita

Very long edge-retention thanks to high-quality carbon steel.

  • high production quality thanks to Aesculap CNC machining centres, all parts are machined or profile-ground
  • consistent edge-retention thanks to the adjustable shearing blade pressure
  • high-end surface treatment ensures high level of corrosion protection

Please only have your clipping heads and clippers sharpened or repaired at the service centres listed in the manual or by an authorised dealer!

Ref. no.Shearing heightShear widthPU
GH7000.05 mm40 mm1/10/100
GH7030.1 mm40 mm1/10/100
GT7300.5 mm40 mm1/10/100
GT7720.7 mm20 mm1/10/100
GH7121 mm40 mm1/10/100
GT7361 mm40 mm1/10/100
GT7461.5 mm40 mm1/10/100
GT7101.8 mm40 mm1/10/100
GH7152 mm40 mm1/10/100
GT7422 mm40 mm1/10/100
GT7492.8 mm60 mm1/10/100
GT7483 mm40 mm1/10/100
GT7543 mm40 mm1/10/100
GT7585 mm40 mm1/10/100
GT7707 mm40 mm1/10/100
GT7799 mm40 mm1/10/100
GT78212 mm40 mm1/10/100
GT78416 mm40 mm1/10/100