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Professional pasture management with Kerbl

Regular grazing is an important factor for the welfare of the animals when managed properly. More and more practitioners are turning to pasture grazing, both in horse husbandry and suckler cow husbandry, as well as in the dairy cattle sector and in the rearing of young cattle - pasture grazing is enjoying a kind of "revival".

Whether the potential of grazing can be utilised for better animal health and welfare depends on pasture management. Kerbl is happy to be your reliable partner for professional pasture management.
The choice of the right water troughs must be given high priority in professional pasture management.

A sufficient supply of water is essential for the health of the animals on the pasture. Especially on hot summer days, it has a decisive influence on animal welfare. Lactating cows, for example, need up to 150 litres of water or more in very hot weather. The animals must be able to consume sufficient water unhindered and stress-free so as not to jeopardise their performance and well-being.
Kühe an der Weidetränke
Feeding hay in the pasture is a common practice. Using a rack is a helpful way to protect your animals' feed from the weather. Depending on the type of animal, breed and herd size, a wide variety of racks can be used
Rinder an der Heuraufe
Kerbl has been impressing customers for many years with its tried-and-tested drinking troughs and troughs for grazing livestock developed in-house. Comfort for humans and animals is our top priority. Co-operation with practical farms and extensive field tests during the development phase enable us to adapt the products perfectly to practical use.
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Once the water supply and feed supply for your animals is ensured, you should also protect your herd from annoying insects. When grazing, flies and horseflies can cause discomfort to the animals, stress, disease transmission and reduced performance. Here too, Kerbl only offers tried and tested insect repellents that have been approved where necessary.
Find out more about grazing troughs , racks and insect defence in the individual sections.

Do you need a new electric fence or a pasture fencing device?

The electric fences from AKO Fencing, in combination with the appropriate pasture fencing device and accessories tailored to the fencing requirements, offer a solution for species-appropriate animal husbandry and a high level of herding safety. Since the year 2000, AKO-Agrartechnik GmbH & Co. KG has been part of the Kerbl Group since 2000.

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