Claw care made easy!

Claws carry the milk! This statement makes it clear that only healthy claws contribute to an optimal milk production. Depending on the severity of the claw problems, the cow has to endure pain and the milk produce is reduced in any case.
Regular and correct claw care is therefore of enormous importance for the cow's well-being and the dairy farmer's wallet. Research has shown that claw problems are one of the leading causes of dairy cow deaths. The average cost, depending on the severity of the problems, is up to € 300.00 per cow.
Claw care must always be done by trained persons with suitable tools. It is an individual decision whether the dairy farmer is trained in seminars and does the claw care himself or lets professional claw caretakers take the lead.
The essential phases of claw care (often described as 5- or 6-phase models) are cutting the claws to the correct size, creating a concavity, exposing lesions and applying reliefs (elevations on the healthy partner claw).

Kerbl offers a selection of professional tools for all phases of functional claw care:
Klauenschneidscheibe ProTrim
Hoof Cutting Disc ProTrim
Klauenschneidscheibe 3 Cut
Hoof Cutting Disc
Klauenschneidscheibe P6
Hoof Cutting Disc P6
Klauenschneidscheibe Profi
Hoof Cutting Disc SuperProfi
Klauenschleifscheibe Standard für die Klauenpflege
Hoof Abrasive Disc Standard
Klauenschleifscheibe PHILIPSEN für Klauenpflege
IP PHILIPSEN Super Hoof Abrasive Disc
Klauenschleifscheibe für die Klauenpflege
Hoof Abrasive Disc
Klauenpflege mit Klauenmesser
Klauenpflege mit Schneidscheibe

If a lesion/ulcer is detected, this claw must be treated and relieved. There are now very different block shapes and materials that are fixed to the healthy partner claw using special adhesives.
Kerbl has all types of wood in the range of blocks : straight, slanted, flat.
Holzklotz Standard für Klauenentlastung
Wooden Block Standard
Flacher Holzklotz für Klauenentlastung
Wooden Block, Flat Design
Keilförmiger Holzklotz für Klauenenttlastung
Wooden Block, Wedge Shape

Holzklotz Spezial für Kartuschenkleber für die Klauenentlastung The Wooden Block Spezial for Cartridge Adhesive is new. The newly developed wooden block from Kerbl was specially designed for the use of two-component claw adhesives and facilitates the application of claw blocks. Compared to common standard blocks, it has significantly wider grooves that provide sufficient space for the claw glue. The adhesive can form a stable structure in the generous grooves. The block can be pressed completely against the claw when it is attached and yet sufficient adhesive remains in the grooves to ensure a secure fixation. The amount of glue used can thus be minimised. The wooden block is available in two sizes with a length of 112 mm or 130 mm.

Comparison of adhesive distribution standard block (left) and wooden block special (right):
VetLastic-Bandagen auf den Klauen für die Klauenpflege

When bandaging the damaged claw, cohesive bandages have become popular in recent years. The VetLastic Bandage by Kerbl win over with the best hand wearability, optimal adhesion in summer and winter.
Due to loose housing, the removal of bandages increasingly presents farmers/claws with the challenge of surviving this without injury. Kerbl has developed a new bandage knife for this purpose, which has all the properties to work quickly and gently on animals. The blades can be easily replaced and renewed.
VetLastic Bandage Anbringung an Klaue für Klauernpflege