How to keep your indoor cat happy

An indoor cat is a great pet, but it needs some attention to keep it happy. An important aspect of providing your cat with a happy and content life indoors is to provide sufficient activity and stimulation. This can be achieved by providing toys and scratching opportunities. Regular interaction with the cat owner is also very important for an indoor cat. The following tips can help you to provide a nice home for your cat:
Zwei Katzen spielen zusammen im Wohnzimmer

Piktogramm Pfoten
1. a comfortable and safe home gives your cat a sense of security 
It is very important to create rest periods and retreats for your cat so that it gets enough sleep and relaxation. This includes cosy cat trees or seats with soft cushions. A cozy corner with a soft blanket is also suitable for this. Likewise, cat trees with sleeping caves or species-appropriate cat houses . This way the cat can mark its territory and protect its home.

Security is also a very important aspect when caring for indoor cats: Open windows or balcony doors should always be kept closed; this is important for young cats.
Katze auf einem Kuschelkissen
Piktogramm Pfoten
2. scratching possibilities protect your furniture 
Prepare different places for your cat to sharpen its claws. These can be scratching trees , scratching pads or cushions. Simple wooden ledges on the wall are also good for this. With different height levels and interesting material, your cat won't get bored! Make sure that the surface is not too slippery and that your cat can claw easily.
Better living for people and animals
Kerbl Pet offers ambitious cat owners individual design of living spaces and at the same time unusual climbing and lying options for the cat for wall or ceiling mounting.
Kerbl Pet also offers scratching trees for wall mounting in a wide variety of designs. From small to large, from narrow to wide, Kerbl Pet has the right solution for almost every wall to offer your pets even more opportunities to play and rest than conventional scratching posts. Many cats only live indoors. The necessary run is only limited. Responsible cat owners create other opportunities for their agile animals to test their dexterity. If you include the walls as an exercise and play area, there are advantages for both humans and animals. Cats love to explore the room from different angles and to climb a raised lying surface. Thus, the highest lying areas are usually the favourite place of the cat.
Kerbl also offers matching ceiling solutions for doting cat lovers. This allows you to create unique climbing paradises . All wall and ceiling sets can be easily combined with each other. Starting with individual wall loungers, wall hammocks or wall scratching posts, through solid wall scratching trees with lots of lounging and scratching possibilities, right up to 8-piece sets which can also fill larger living walls.
Of course, Kerbl Pet also attaches great importance to an attractive appearance and timeless design. The products fit perfectly into your normal living environment and are real eye-catchers. Here, too, there is a wide range of different types of fabric covers, colours or wood designs.
This range is rounded off with the Climber climbing bag offered exclusively by Kerbl Pet. Consisting of a high-quality sisal carpet, it serves the cats as a climbing aid to higher platforms.