Dairy farming

The production of hygienically perfect milk is an important goal in milk production. This applies equally to food and drink milk production.
In the following, we would like to introduce you to some Kerbl products that support you in your daily work of producing high-quality milk.

Milking Clothing

Melkschürze Premium

Milker Apron Premium

The robust professional milker apron is ideal for use during milking. The extremely tear- and kink-resistant material is waterproof and protects you from wetness. The adjustable neck strap can be adjusted individually. Tying the apron with the help of the waist straps allows you to put the apron on quickly. If you want to carry utensils with you while milking, the version with pockets is perfect. In the pockets you can carry udder paper, dipping cups, etc. within easy reach.

Melk- und Waschschürze mit Ärmeln

Milking and washing apron with sleeves

The milking and washing apron with sleeves is ideal for use during milking or cleaning work. The integrated sleeves make the use of sleeve protectors unnecessary and safely protect against wetness. The durable oxford material is breathable and at the same time highly water repellent. Other useful product features are the integrated closable breast pocket, an adjustable Velcro fastener at the neck, an elasticated wrist and the waist bands for flexibly tying the apron.

Die Filtration der Rohmilch ist ein wichtiger Baustein in der Milchproduktion.  Der Milchfilter hat dabei folgende Aufgaben:
  • Reinigung der Milch von groben Schmutzpartikeln (Mist, Haare, Stroh, Insekten, etc.)
  • Erkennen von Eutererkrankungen in der Herde (Milchflocken)
  • Überwachung der Euterreinigung
Beim Kauf eines Milchfilters muss dringend die richtige Größe und Qualität ausgewählt werden. Zu kleine Filter können nicht richtig fixiert werden oder werden bereits beim Einsetzen beschädigt. Zu große Filter hingegen sitzen zu locker bzw. überlappen und werden durch höhere Vibrationen beschädigt und stören den Filtriervorgang.
Kerbl produziert und vertreibt verschiedenste Milchfilter unter der Marke SANA (geschweißt und genäht), um für jeden Landwirt und jede Melkanlage einen passenden Milchfilter anbieten zu können.
Um den steigenden Ansprüchen in der Milcherzeugung standhalten zu können, wurde von Kerbl eine Premium-Version für die Marke SANA entwickelt. Durch die Optimierung der Faserverteilung bietet der Premium-Filter eine noch höhere Reißfestigkeit und feinste Filtration unter Berücksichtigung der notwendigen Durchlässigkeit für Rohmilch. Daher ist dieser Filter speziell für große Milchmengen und höchste Anforderungen geeignet.


For more information and our range of milk filters, please see our milk filter brochure  Sana Milk Filters Brochure .

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Transparenter Melkeimer mit Boden in der Farbe blau und grün

Milking Pail Semi-transparent

The milking pail is made of a semi-transparent material and allows easy reading of the filling level from a distance. This makes it easier to check the milk. Compared to other common plastic milking pails, the body of the vessel is made of one piece. The special construction and the extremely robust plastic make the pail extremely durable.
Cleaning the pail is very easy and hygienic thanks to the smooth inner surface. In addition, the milking pail convinces with the double embossed filling scale, the metal carrying handle and a capacity of 30 litres.

TailWell2 Power Tail Trimmer

TailWell2 Power Tail Trimmer

To ensure optimal hygiene of the herd, the milk and the milker, cow tail hairs contaminated with faeces and urine should be removed twice a year. The TailWell2 makes this tedious work much easier.

Euterhaarentferner PREVENTA

Udder Hair Remover PREVENTA

The udder should also be as free of hair as possible so that it can be cleaned more easily and general udder hygiene can be improved. The PREVENTA udder hair remover removes udder hair quickly and painlessly with a "cold" flame.

Udder cleaning and udder disinfection

Udder cleaning is a fundamental aspect of udder health and milk quality. It serves to remove dirt, bacteria and other potentially harmful substances from the udder to ensure high milk quality and minimise the risk of infection.

The udder is cleaned before milking. The teats are cleaned with warm water, an udder cloth or paper and an udder cleaner.
KerbaWasch 2.0 - hautfreundliches und pflegendes Euterwaschkonzentrat zur Nassreinigung des Euters vor dem Melken

KerbaWasch 2.0

KerbaWasch 2.0 is an udder wash concentrate with cleansing and skin-nourishing active ingredients. The cleaning solution is diluted and used with an udder paper or cloth to wet-clean the teats and udder. As a concentrate, it is very economical.

Kerba FoamWasch - Reinigungs- und Pflegeschaum auf Milchsäure-Basis für Euter und Zitzen vor dem Melken

Kerba FoamWasch

Kerba FoamWash is a cleaning and care foam based on lactic acid. The ready-to-use solution is applied to the teats with a foaming dip cup or diluted with a dip sprayer. The teats are then cleaned with an udder tissue or cloth. The foam application makes the application particularly economical.

After milking, the teats are exposed and susceptible to pathogens. Careful post-milking treatment with disinfectant dips is therefore essential to prevent the penetration of bacteria and inflammation of the udder (mastitis).

Sprayable dipping agents

KerbaDip Lacto and KerbaDip Iodine are sprayable dipping agents based on lactic acid and chlorhexidine or iodine. The disinfectant, ready-to-use solutions are applied with a dip sprayer and are also ideal for use in milking robots.
Piktogramm für Dipsprüher für sprühfähige Dippmittel
KerbaDip Lacto - desinfizierendes, sprühfähiges Zitzendippmittel und KerbaDip Jod - desinfizierendes, sprühfähiges Zitzendippmittel auf Jodbasis

Film-forming teat dip agents

UdderoDip Lacto and UdderoDip Iodine are film-forming dipping agents based on lactic acid and chlorhexidine or iodine.
The disinfectant, ready-to-use solutions are applied with a dip cup and form a long-lasting barrier film that protects the teats from germs.
The UdderoDip Protect is a strong film-forming iodine-based barrier dipping agent and forms an even stronger protective film.
Piktogramm für Dippbecher für filmbildende Dippmittel
UdderoDip Lacto - desinfizierendes, filmbildendes Zitzendippmittel auf Basis von Milchsäure und Chlorhexidindigluconat, UdderoDip Jod, UdderoDip Protect - desinfizierendes, stark filmbildendes Barrier

Udder care

Finally, udder care also plays an important role in the production of high-quality milk. Below we present a selection of our udder care products:
Euterpflegemittel KerbaMint und CareMINT

Udder care products KerbaMint and CareMINT

The udder care products with peppermint oil KerbaMint and CareMINT care for stressed teats and udders. The udder tissue is kept supple by the nourishing ingredients and at the same time the product has a cooling effect that is pleasant for the animal.

Eutergel mit hochwertigen ätherischen Ölen

Udder Gel

The washable care balm has a gel-like consistency and provides effective protection and care for the udder tissue with the help of plant-based essential oils. It keeps the udder soft and supple and protects against brittle, cracked skin.